Our Strategy

Freehouse Partners is a privately-owned real estate investment firm focused on multifamily and industrial real estate in the small and mid-sized markets of the Intermountain West.

The Mountain Town Opportunity

The mid-sized markets of the Intermountain West have shown disproportionate economic growth and employment sector diversity, attracting employers and talent from across the US thanks to lower operating costs, lower cost of living for employees, and business-friendly climates.

Smaller markets fly under institutional investors’ radars and require a deep investment in local relationships to operate efficiently, but are attractive to institutional capital when assembled into portfolios.

Residential and Industrial Focused

Our Time Horizon

Accelerating investments in manufacturing and logistics jobs from national companies continues to pressure industrial and residential supply in our focus markets. We expect this trend to continue as manufacturers and logistics operators accelerate investments in the region while other employers embrace remote employee arrangements.

We acquire with the intent to hold assets for 10+ years. We opportunistically sell and redevelop assets as markets evolve, offering investors tax-efficient reinvestment opportunities whenever possible.

We opportunistically pursue long-term repositioning opportunities with assets that otherwise meet our return hurdles. This strategy offers investors the option to generate long-term capital appreciation after a period of healthy returns.

Investment Strategies

Value Add Acquisition

We acquire cash-flowing, path-of-progress residential and industrial assets located in growing, economically-diverse markets using conservative leverage.

We invest in operations and light capex to improve financial performance, refinance, and repeat over a 5-10 year time horizon.

Our team leverages centralized operations, off-the-shelf technology, and tax-focused accounting to deliver outsized, tax-efficient return to our investors during a 5-10 year hold period.


We opportunistically acquire cash-flowing commercial assets in the path-of-progress when we believe we can generate near term returns alongside an option for future redevelopment.

The Value-Add² strategy is particularly useful in small, rapidly growing markets where demand endemically outpaces supply. These assets often provide highly advantaged future land positions for ground-up development of multifamily and industrial assets.

We do not acquire assets that are dependent on a future redevelopment to meet our base return targets.

Our Comparative Advantage


Track Record

Our founders have a combined 20+ year real estate track record involving more than $250M in transactions across acquisitions, ground-up development, and urban infill.


Under The Radar Markets

We focus on small and medium market corridors in the path of progress where institutional competition is limited.

Our target markets have a long history of consistent population and job growth across diverse sectors. We avoid boom towns and markets depending on a single sector or employer.


Relationship Driven

By focusing exclusively on small markets and solely on assets that sustain working family economies, we earn trust with local partners and government agencies.


Advantaged Deal Flow

Access to opportunities in small markets requires long-term relationships and trust. We are small-town people with large-scale experience and combine our strong local relationships with intelligent technology to source deals unavailable to others, seeking to acquire 7-10 assets per year.


Technical Capability

Our team is more experienced than it would like to be in dealing with complex acquisition, entitlement, and engineering challenges, allowing us to unlock value for our investors in assets that others overlook.


Intelligent Leverage

We use low-to-moderate leverage to minimize economic volatility risk. We are conservative underwriters and use leverage responsibly, ensuring that in-place cash flows are sufficient to cover debt service through a variety of economic conditions.


Deal by Deal Investments

We raise capital primarily on a deal-by-deal basis to avoid the pitfalls of "the imperative to deploy capital" that large funds face. We pounce when the opportunity is right and don't when it is not.

Accredited investors who have joined our interest list are invited to invest as deals become available. (Join our investor interest list)


Long-Term Oriented

We believe the growth trajectory of our focus markets will continue over time so we aim to hold assets for the long term. When we opportunistically sell assets, we structure reinvestment opportunities so we and our investors can remain invested in the market's growth.



We structure acquisitions and operate assets to provide tax efficiencies to our LPs, delivering accelerated losses, tax-efficient return-of-capital events, and 1031 exchanges whenever possible.



We focus on building portfolios comprised of assets that alone may not be interesting to institutional investors to acquire, but attractive when assembled in a portfolio.


Cash Flow First

We focus on cash flows and avoid assets that are dependent on a buy-out or repositioning to meet our return targets.



Our founders come from technology. We use intelligent tech to centralize core property management functions, reducing asset operating costs below the typical local or institutional operator, unlocking additional value for our investors.

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Accredited investors who have joined our interest list are invited to invest as deals become available.

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